About Denise - Denise Mattox Photography

Photography is something I always had an interest in, but that always seemed to elude me. I wanted to take classes, but they never fit in my schedule. When I worked at a newspaper, my editor frowned on any sort of artistic images. After awhile, I set the interest aside figuring it would always be nothing more than that -- an interest.

However, life put into my path photographers who sparked my interest and showed me it could be so much more. Soon my "cheap point and shoot" became my favorite tool to stretch my creativity. Backyard photos came to catch the attention of others, and soon I found myself being asked if I could take a few pictures for friends and family. Those requests have since blossomed into my passion and career path today. And for that, I am so thankful.

My goal for photography is to capture the moment and memory. I am here to capture YOU in the most natural sense. My photos walk the line between candid and posed. When you hire me to take your photos, I want to make sure you get what YOU want. I encourage my clients to boss ME around. Tell me what you want, and its my job to make it happen.

Most often, you'll have me and my husband, Craig, at photo-shoots. He has a creative eye and a way with children (and adults and pets!) that makes my job behind the lens easy... and that regularly puts my clients at ease.

I prefer natural lighting, putting reflectors to good use. However flashes will be used when necessary to ensure a good photo. Post production is done in Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom. Please note that my goal is never to let a photo lie, only to make sure its the best product it can be.

It is my belief that your photos are YOUR photos. I never demand you only order prints through me. However, I will often ask, in exchange, that you allow me to use your images on my website and/or blog.

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